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What impact do positive reviews have on my application?

You buy android reviews to attract more people to download your app. It has a good impact on your application. The higher the number of positive reviews, the more your app downloads on Google Play Store.

Is my app compatible with your service?

If your app is free and meets Google’s standards, it is eligible for our service. You get the advantage of our “buy android app installs and reviews” and” buy custom android app reviews” services.

Can I only buy android app installs?

Of Course, you can! You can buy android reviews and installs to serve as a whole or separate.

Why is it important for me to buy playstore reviews?

When a user visits your app, they usually look for recent reviews. Your app has more chances to be installed or downloaded if you have positive reviews and ratings. So, if you want to enhance your app’s popularity, you should buy app reviews.

Are your app reviews for Android legal?

Yes, all of our reviews are completely legitimate and legal. We have a team dedicated to app reviews. The reviews are given from unique devices and unique IP addresses. You only buy google play reviews that are from real users.

Do you offer custom android reviews and ratings?

Yes! We have a separate page for custom android app reviews and ratings. Go to the page or directly contact our customer support to get the service.

Will your platform be able to give the number of reviews I’ve requested?

Yes, of course. Whatever you requested will be delivered to you in no time. And also if for any unlikely reason the review (s) are dropped, it will be re-posted instantly.

I’d want to buy android reviews on a regular basis. Are you able to provide 10 or more reviews every day?

Without a doubt. We can deliver app reviews and ratings continuously. Buy google play reviews service and select per hour, per day, or any regular pace you require.

Can you give installs and reviews for paid apps on PlayStore?

Without a doubt. However, you’ll be charged for the apps as well. Looking into your app price, we’ll deliver a custom invoice to you.

How many are your app reviews and installs members?

We have a team for app reviews and installs for both iOS and Android. Our team is managing the large network of our App download & Installs users around the world from almost every country and region.

What is the distinction between app installations and app reviews?

Installs or downloads are just the apps downloaded on various devices, whereas Reviews are the installs followed by a review of the app.

Is it possible to just get 5-star ratings?

Yes, we can provide! However, we usually recommend a 4-5 stars mix to make it appear more genuine and natural.

Is it possible to buy android reviews in languages other than English?

Yes, we can use whichever language you like for the reviews. You can also provide us the content, and we will publish it in the same manner.

Do you also provide Playstore optimization service?

Yes, we can help with optimization as well. On the Playstore, we collaborate with a few companies. You may contact us for further information regarding playstore optimization by submitting a ticket.

Is it possible to receive reviews on an android app that is only available in a certain country?

Of course! We provide reviews and rating services for any Android app, whether It’s for worldwide users are just in a specific country.

How do you get the “buy playstore reviews” & “buy android installs” services done?

We have a team for mobile apps downloads and reviews who manage our large network of people around the world who downloads and reviews your app as per your requirements.

Why should I buy Android reviews service?

A poor rating or negative review will have a significant negative impact on your app. Users are unlikely to install such applications, regardless of how good they are. It has the potential to reduce your daily installations as well as your daily earnings. With our installations campaigns, you can quickly improve your app’s rankings and ratings, as well as re-engage your organic audience.

I’m a first-time visitor; do you have any discounts for me if I buy android app reviews?

Of course, contact us now to receive a huge discount on your first order or if you buy android reviews in bulk.

Can I buy android installs and reviews safely?

Yes, it is completely risk-free; All our services and payments are completely safe and secure. We also provide refills to ensure your trust on us.

How long would it take to start delivering the order?

When you place an order for App Installs and your payment is confirmed, we immediately get to work.

Is it possible for me to get banned if I buy android app reviews?

No, millions of individuals use social media marketing companies to buy android App Installs and reviews for their apps in order to improve their Google Play Store rankings.

Is there a free trial for your android App Installs service?

Sadly no! However, our packages are at extremely cheap pricing that would be ideal for evaluating our services.

Is it possible to divide the installs amongst several apps?

Unfortunately No! You can place one order per one. However, if you can place as many orders as you want for different apps.

Is there a discount if I order in bulk?

Absolutely! If you buy more, we’ll gladly give you a discount. Get in contact with us to avail your discount.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards, stripe, and bank transfer.