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✓ Quick Delivery
✓ Real
✓ Custom text
✓ Custom stars
✓ Any language
✓ Installs and Reviews separate service available
✓ Gradual or Instant
✓ Reporting in great detail
✓ All users are genuine
✓ Non- Drop
✓ 24/7 Support


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I’ve written some reviews. Can you you submit the exact reviews on my adroid app?

Of Course! In the “buy custom android reviews” service, you provide the tect and we add the exact text as a review on your app. So, submit the text with us right now and we’ll post it right away.

Is your custom review service compatible with my app?

Our custom reviews and ratings service is available if your app is free and satisfies Google’s requirements.

Is there a limit to the number of words I can submit to you for my review?

No! You can submit review text as long as possible.

What effect providing custom reviews have on my application?

It can help you gain additional users to your app. It makes a positive difference in your application. The more good ratings you have, the more people will download your app.

Are your custom Android app reviews legal?

Yes, each one of our reviews are entirely authentic and legal. App reviews are handled by a separate team. The reviews come from different devices and IP addresses.

Is there a limit to the number of custom android reviews you provide?

You can buy as much android comments as you require, both custom and general. For buy custom android app reviews and rating just provide the text for each review and for buy custom android app ratings provide the ratings from 1 to 5.

Can I sign up for your android app reviews and installs service?

Yes, you can sign up for our services if you want the reviews and installs on a consistent basis.

Is there an option of custom reviews and ratings for paid android apps?

Yes! We can deliver reviews and ratings for paid android apps as well. In order to do so, you need to pay for the apps as well. Contact our customer support for guidance.

How do you provide custom Android App reviews and install?

For both iOS and Android, we have a staff that reviews and instals apps. Our staff is in charge of administering a huge network of users who instals your apps from different IP and devices. You just provide the text and we get to work instantly.

Is it feasible to just receive 5-star reviews?

Yes it is! However, a 4-5 star combination is typically recommended, making it look more real and natural.

I need custom reviews in other language than English. Can I give you specific language text to post?

Of course! We just need the text, no matter the language. We’ll post the review as you send us.

Do you offer Playstore optimization as well?

Absolutely, we also offer optimization. By creating a ticket, you can reach out to us for more info about play store optimization.

Do you provide custom geotargeted reviews for Android apps?

Yes, of course! We give app reviews and ratings for users all over the world as well as any specifc country.

How do you get Android app installs & Reviews service done?

We have a team for mobile apps downloads and reviews who manage our large network of people around the world who downloads and reviews your app as per your requirements.

I’m a first-time visitor; do you provide any special discounts?

Of course, get in touch with us right away to get a large discount on your first order.

Is it safe to buy Android App Installs?

Yes, it is risk-free; all of our services and transactions are entirely safe and secure. To assure your assurance in us, we also give refills.

When do you think you’ll be able to start delivering the order?

We instantly begin when you make the purchase for App Installs and your payment is verified.

Is it probable that I may be banned if I purchase Android App Installs?

No, It’s common to buy android app installs and reviews from social media marketing businesses in order to enhance your Google Play Store rankings.

Is your Android App Installs service available for a free trial?

Unfortunately, no! Our packages, on the other hand, are incredibly affordable and would be excellent for assessing our services.

Is there a discount if I place a large order?

Absolutely! We’ll gladly offer a discount if you purchase enough. To receive your discount, please contact us.

What types of payment do you accept?

PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards, Stripe, and bank transfers are accepted.