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  • ⋆ Custom orders accepted
  • ⋆ All EDU Mail Accounts Are Authentic.
  • ⋆ POP3/IMAP/SMTP Enabled

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Why Buy Our EDU Accounts

✶EDU Emails Accounts
✶ Fresh & Aged
✶USA/UK/CA/EU Verified
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✶Excel sheet/Notepad
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Why should you Buy EDU Accounts?

There are numerous advantages to having an EDU email, including free streaming access, free software for students, access to graphic design tools, free online educational courses, an Audible free trial account, an Amazon Prime account, Microsoft Office 365, a Github Developer Student Account, a Google Drive storage account, and Apple iPhone discounts for students.

Does Famometer have old EDU Accounts?

Yes, we have old EDU email accounts, but you must confirm this with us in a live chat.

Are these created from new IP addresses?

Yes, each edu email account is created with a new, dedicated, and unique IP address to ensure that the accounts do not become disabled.

What are the special offers I can get with this edu address?

You can get 6 months of Prime Student for free, unlimited Google Drive storage, Microsoft Office 365 lifetime free, LastPass 6 months free, and other free resources through our edu emails.

Are these from institutions in the United States?

The majority email accounts are from institutions in the United States.

Will this entitle me to six months of free Amazon Student?

You can get 6 months of free Amazon Prime with accounts. To use the option, simply sign up through the account we will provide you with.

Can I use these EDU email account to access Google Drive?

Without a doubt. With our edu accounts, you get unlimited Google Drive storage.

How long it will take to deliver EDU Account?

We make every effort to provide Edu email accounts with a name and password within 10-20 minutes. All that is required is some time to prepare the file.

Do you accept the custom offer for EDU Email Accounts?

Yes. We accept custom offers for any type of verified Edu email account.

Are there any websites where these emails will not function?

These @edu accounts will not work for websites that require Student ID verification.

How do I access these EDU Emails addresses?

We will provide two types of emails. One can be accessed via Gmail, while the other via Outlook. You can access your edu email through Gmail or Outlook, depending on the college domain.

Can Famometer create an EDU account with a custom college name I send you?

Send your custom college name to our support agents, and if possible, we will create it for you.

Is it illegal or hacked to buy these student addresses?

We only provide legal student addresses. The accounts are based on 100% accurate student data.