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Why Buy Our GitHub Accounts

✶ Code review
✶USA/UK/CA/EU Verified
✶Unique IP
✶Integrated issue and bug tracking
✶100% Recovery Guaranty
✶Graphical representation of branches
✶ Approximately 6 million hosted git repositories
✶ Single or bulk option
✶Project management
✶Team management
✶3 days replacement
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Can I Buy GitHub Account form Famometer?

Buy a GitHub account from us at a low cost and get started.

Is buying GitHub accounts legal?

Yes, purchasing GitHub accounts is entirely legal. Almost all CS students purchase GitHub accounts for their repositories, which increases the credibility of their work.

Can I have a personal GitHub account and a business GitHub account?

Without a doubt! It is entirely up to you to purchase any number of accounts for any purpose. Simply select the number of accounts and the order will be delivered quickly.

Do you sell any old Github accounts?

Yes, We have aged Github Accounts but before buying you can confirm from us in a live chat.

Are these come with the unique IP addresses?

Of course, yes. The proxies expire after the specified time period and cannot be used again. We always use brand new IP addresses. We guarantee that the accounts are permanent and will not cause any problems.

Is buying GitHub accounts from Famometer safe?

Yes, buying GitHub accounts through our website is completely safe.

Can you provide multiple GitHub accounts?

Yes, We have unlimited GitHub accounts in stock. Get in touch now!

Do you offer discount on bulk quantity?

Yes, If you buy more than 10 accounts, Famometer will give you 10% discount on your next order.

Is it possible that if I buy GitHub accounts, others will find out?

No, because customer security is our top priority, and no one will know you purchased GitHub accounts.

Can I use multiple github accounts on the same computer if I purchase more accounts from you?

Yes you can, You just need to configure your SSH setup with multiple SSH keypairs.

Is it possible to purchase GitHub accounts using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

Yes, we now accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other similar currencies on our website.