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✓ No logins/Password required
✓ From Phone Verified Accounts
✓ Real Instagram comments
✓ Relatable comments
✓ Custom comments available
✓ Refill guarantee
✓ Unlimited stock
✓ Any language
✓ Instant delivery
✓ Custom delivery speed
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What are Instagram Comments, and What Do They Mean?

Comments on your Instagram posts are the most valuable sort of engagement, since they indicate a higher level of perceived interaction than ‘views’ or ‘likes.’ When a post receives many comments, the Instagram algorithm determines that it is trending, making it more likely to be recommended and appearing higher in viewer feeds. When you buy Instagram comments, you’ll see an immediate boost in your Instagram’s popularity. You’ll acquire more organic attention, resulting in gains far bigger than the cost of our service. Whether you buy custom ig comments or random Instagram comments, you will reap these benefits.

Is it safe to buy Instagram comments?

Yes, it is completely risk-free. You only buy real Instagram comments from GooRapid. For your Instagram account, our service is completely safe and secure.

How long does it take to start receiving real Instagram comments?

When you make an order for comments, we immediately begin. The comments’ delivery depends upon the quantity of the order. Every day, we can publish over 10000 comments.

Is it possible for me to be banned if I buy Insta comments?

No, it isn’t possible. To enhance their engagement and visibility, millions of people are turning to social media marketing organizations to acquire Instagram Services.

I need to buy Instagram comment likes. Do you provide?

Yes! We do provide Instagram comment likes. Get ib touch!

What are the origins of the real Instagram comments you provide?

The Comments will come from a variety of our networks, where we will advertise your profile.

Can I also buy Instagram live comments and views?

Yes, you can. You can get unlimited Instagram Live Views and Instagram Comments.

Is it possible to split the comments over different Instagram Posts?

The least number of comments we can provide per post is 20 comments. Select the 20 Instagram comment package if you want to spread your Instagram comments across numerous posts.

Do I get real Instagram comments?

Yes, you only buy real Instagram comments from Because we advertise your post in our networks, all of our Comments are real, genuine, and unique. We use 100% real and authentic profiles for comments.

What is the maximum number of custom Instagram comments you can provide?

You can buy custom Instagram comments from us in any quantity you require. We can supply as many comments as you require. We’ve fulfilled over 10,000 comment orders within 1-3 days.

Is it possible to leave a custom comment in a foreign language?

Yes, of course! We have the ability to leave custom comments in any language. Choose an Instagram comment package with custom text. After your order has been approved, you can send us custom comments in the language of your choice.

Can I buy Instagram likes and comments?

Of course! You can buy Instagram likes and comments, both in the same order, for one or different posts.

Can GooRapid provide and deliver USA Instagram comments or UK?

If you want UK or USA comments, so GooRapid is the best place to buy UK or USA Instagram comments UK or USA comments at the cheapest price. Select Custom text Instagram comments on the order page and provide us instructions.

How to get real Instagram comments?

GooRapid provides a total of 143 different services, including Instagram real user comments. All you have to do is go to GooRapid and place an order for Instagram comments to buy real active instagram comments. Choose one of the packages that best fits your needs, and we’ll provide as many comments as you want within 24-48 hours.

Is it possible to buy real Instagram comments if my account is private?

If you wish to order comment services, your account must be public. You must update your Instagram status from Private to Public for the time being. You can convert it back to private once the order is completed.

Is it possible for me to control what is said in the comments or buy custom Instagram comments?

Of course, yes. “Buy custom Instagram comments” is a package we have. You can provide every single comment you need to be posted straight on your post if you choose that package.

Is it possible to use mentions and emojis in Custom Comments?

Unfortunately, no. We are only able to provide comments; we are unable to give mentions in comments. For Instagram mentions, we’ve added a new section. Please visit the section from above. But you can contact our customer support if we can provide the service at the time.

How look like an account that will be commenting on my posts?

The accounts are just normal accounts with many users on Instagram. All the profiles are real, and the profile will utilize for comments will have following followers, few posts, and real profile pictures

Is it possible to split purchased comments among several photos?

The minimal number of comments per photo that we may supply is 20 comments. Select the 20 Instagram comment package if you wish to spread your Instagram comments across multiple photos

Is it possible that I’ll be banned from Instagram if buy Instagram comments from you?

Obviously not! You don’t have to be worry because our comments come from real users and the profile that we use for the comments will have followers followings, a few posts, and authentic profile pictures.

Is it necessary for me to share my Instagram password with you?

No, that isn’t necessary. GooRapid will never ask for passwords to your accounts. To have your order delivered, all you have to do is send us a link to your post.

How can I buy custom comments for Instagram?

You will simply place an order for custom insta comments and provide the link to your post in the order chat. The rest is up to us.

When I will be able to receive my Instagram Comments? I want to buy fast Instagram comments.

After your order has been created, we will immediately begin working on it. Within 1-4 hours, you will begin receiving comments. The quantity of the comments determines when the order will be completed.

Is it possible to use emoji in custom comments?

Sure! “Custom text Comments” is a package we have. You can give emoji as well as hashtags for the comments you want us to post if you choose that package.

Will my Comments Drop if I buy real instagram comments from you?

The number of comments you have bought will remain constant over time. So, our comments are permanent.

Can I buy IGTV comments?

Yes, you can buy Instagram TV comments or IGTV comments from GooRapid. Contact our customer support now.

What is the best place to buy Instagram comments?

If you want to buy IG comments, GooRapid is the place to go. We only provide real Instagram comments and 48 hours refill guarantee. Get in touch now for more information.

I only want to buy female Instagram comments. Is that possible?

Absolutely yes! You can select the gender of your comments profiles. Get in touch for more information.

Is it legal to buy Instagram comments?

Absolutely! At GooRapid, we put in a lot of effort to make sure that all of our social media marketing packages follow the platform’s requirements. This means that when you use our Instagram comment service, you can be confident that you’re not breaking any Instagram regulations, and you won’t have to worry about your account being penalized in any way.

Who Can Take Advantage from Our Services?

Buying Instagram comments can help anyone who wants to use their social media profile to achieve their goals and grow their online visibility. Some of them are mention below:
1): Celebrities
2): Influencers
3): Bloggers
4): Artists (photographers, painters, musicians, etc.)
5): Businesses

What Are the Benefits of Using GooRapid?

You can buy comments for a single post or buy auto comments for future posts with our excellent service. Both of these services are good for increasing organic interaction.
The buying procedure is simpler than you think. All you have to do is send us your post’s URL link, and we’ll take care of the rest. We are sending the most accurate, reliable, and realistic comments. We guarantee that our comments will never diminish, and if you bought comments, and it will vanish and disappeared, we will send you new ones.
Furthermore, you can be sure about our sensitivity and care for our clients’ satisfaction. We want your payment experience to be as simple as possible. You can always contact our active Customer Care Service via WhatsApp 24/7 for immediate assistance with any issues.
With our comments service, your Instagram profile will be seen by many new people. Our User Interface makes the buying procedure simple, and you can get actual and real Instagram comments in minutes. As previously said, buying comments (especially genuine ones) is crucial for increasing your engagement rate. It can help your brand’social media marketing succeed on Instagram, as well as enhance sales and brand visibility etc. Buying comments can turn you into a social media influencer or improve your popularity on the network, even if you don’t own a business.

Can I buy Instagram comments PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal in addition to other payment options.

What should I do, if I have any problems with my order?

Our top concern is customer satisfaction. If you have any issues, please contact us directly, GooRapid, and we will respond within a few hours.

Is there a discount if I purchase Instagram comments in bulk?

Absolutely! If you buy more, we will give you a discount. Get in touch, captain!

Is there a free trial period for Instagram Comments?

Unfortunately no. We have packages available at extremely low pricing that would be ideal for evaluating our services.

What are the Buying Options?

PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Payoneer, Perfect Money, and credit cards are accepted.