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Why Buy Our Instagram Followers

✶Targeted country followers
✶Real accounts
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✶Active Profiles
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✶3 days replacement
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✶Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✶24×7 Support


Does this truly work?

Yes! Buying Instagram followers is a completely practical method of expanding your Instagram account, and it completely works! Your new followers will be queued to follow account the next 24 hours as soon as you place a purchase.

Are my followers genuine?

Yes, we use expert screening methods to ensure that we only provide our customers with 100% real and active followers to assist them increase activity and organic interaction on their pages.

How quickly do my Instagram followers deliver?

Your account will receive followers immediately after payment, which is why we state express delivery. If there are a large number of orders, quick delivery may imply within a few minutes.

Can I purchase 1000 Instagram followers all at once?

Totally! All of our packages is provided at a significant discount and is typically acquired to  purchase as many followers all at once. Contact us if you want to buy even more than 1000 that in one transaction.

Why should I purchase Instagram followers in the first place?

This is one of the most often requested inquiries. We usually urge that every prospective business or influencer have a strong social media presence since it acts as a significant proof point. The more people follow you, the faster you’ll make sales or get agreements.

Is Famometer reliable?

The quick answer is yes! Famometer is both dependable and secure. Buying followers in general is risk-free and will have no negative impact on your account. When you purchase followers, just make sure you work with a reputable company.

Are there any requirements?

You need to set your Instagram account to ‘Public’ if already not. Your username must not be changed before an order is fulfilled. Aside from that, simply relax and wait for your followers to arrive! It’s basic and easy.

Is it possible for my account to be banned for purchasing followers?

Absolutely not! Because you have followers, Instagram cannot delete them for this reason. It’s the same as asking someone to follow your account. No one of our clients contacted us with a complaint in this regard.

Is it safe to buy Insta followers from Famometer?

Yes, as stated before, we offer a safe workplace. We never request sensitive information, and our system is secured with an SSL certificate.

How many followers do you recommend?

It is all up to you. You can buy as many as you like. You are not required to buy them all at once.

Is it possible that followers will be dropped?

We assure that the number of your followers will not drop. In the unlikely event if it does happen, we guarantee compensation for any possible reductions.

How soon would my followers deliver?

Your followers will begin adding to your account within the first 10 minutes of placing your order. The order is completed within the day, depending on the quantity of followers ordered.

What features should a follower provider have?

The key qualities of any Instagram follower supplier are retention and quality. Consider the followers stay after making a purchase, as well as how genuine and engaged they appear to be. Before you make a purchase, consider the provider’s consumer protection, such as retention assurances, privacy policies, and customer support. We test for all of these aspects at Famometer. Try our services with a small order first, and then decide whether or not to place a larger order, if necessary.

Is it necessary for me to make my account public for purchase?

Instagram does not allow anybody who is not an allowed user to view a hidden profile. That is  why we require access. You may, however, make your account invisible after that.

Will your service assist me in getting organic engagement?

Yes! With a large number of genuine and active followers, it seems as though you’re famous, and people take attention. As a result, a user with a large number of legitimate followers will draw the attention of potential organic followers.

Are there any business packages available?

Yes, our Instagram for business plan is meant to provide a variety of extra benefits that are simplified and suited to the specific needs of each organization.

How will your followers be able to help me?

When you purchase for our services, you are guaranteed to obtain targeted, genuine, and active followers who’ll increase exposure and make your investment worthwhile. We are the finest Instagram follower buying service.

What information do you require from me to provide Instagram followers service?

We only need your Instagram username, that’s it. Also if your account is set to private you should temporarily set it to public as it will also help you ease the process as you won’t need to accept each and every request specifically.