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Why Should I choose Famometer?

With years of expertise, we are the most seasoned team of social media professionals. Famometer has been at the vanguard of social media, giving outstanding results to over 5000 clients! You will not be disappointed if you choose us.

What exactly are Instagram Mentions?

Instagram Mentions are post comments in which Instagram users interested in related content are tagged. It is a newer growth approach that has helped many brands get first crack.

What data do I need to enter?

During the order procedure, you must submit the Instagram photo URL for which you wish to get mentions. You can also submit the Account of which Followers you want us to tag. From there, we’ll take care of the rest!

How does a potential consumer see my offer?

Mentions add a username to post as Instagram Comment. The post is accessible in that user’s feed, after the username is submitted as @username.

How do I make a mention on Instagram?

To mention someone, use @username (“comment, @username”). There should be no space between @ and the username. The person you mention gets notification of the mention.

Are my Mentions hidden?

In case your profile is private, the users you mention will only be able to see some part of the comment mention in “You” section. They may get a push notification but won’t be able to navigate through to the private photo or video. Other than that your mentions won’t be hidden.

How Will This Instagram Mentions Service Benefit My Business?

Assume you are selling products and your company caters to a certain demographic or user group, and you know where your potential customers are purchasing the same products. It would be ideal to distribute your product offer to customers you know are interested in comparable products, and it is possible through Instagram mentions.

What is the procedure for using Instagram Mentions?

When Instagram user mentions your username followed by a “@,” the site tags your account as mention. Users who react to your comments can notify you that they have done so, and other users can alert you to content they want you to view.  We bring your perfect customer to your door.

How Long Does It Take to Get Instagram Mentions?

Famometer offers the finest, quickest, and most affordable Instagram Mentions services in the market.  We generally begin delivering our Mentions Services within 1 hour of receiving your purchase. Depending on the quantity of the order, the order may take 1 to 24 hours.

Is my personal information safe once I submit my order?

Our GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy safeguards your personal information.

Why would someone purchase Mentions?

Buying mentions is the practice of basically spamming your post with hundreds to thousands of users, informing them to come look at your post.

Is this a secure approach for my account?

Yes, it is completely secure, but don’t purchase 10,000+ mentions per photo if you have fewer than 10,000 followers, since the image may get removed by Instagram. Remember that the goal is to impress rather than upset your fans, so utilize Instagram mentions judiciously. If you still want more mentions, we recommend starting with our Instagram followers service.

How are marketers making use of Mentions?

Internet marketers are directing Instagram Followers to a post in order to accomplish a few goals.

  • To increase the number of targeted followers.
  • To increase the number of likes on your post.
  • To encourage visitors to click on the URL link in your profile.
  • Directing users to their CPA offerings.

Which accounts do you want to target?

We look for competitors that have comparable content to yours. If you wish to target specific accounts, please contact our support team through e-mail or live chat.

Can I really trust your Instagram mentions service?

Yes. You may completely rely on and purchase our Instagram mentions service. Because of the overwhelming positive response from those who have used the service, we have created various packages for buying Instagram mentions. As a result, we have offered it as a distinct bundle so that many individuals may utilize it and raise their brand recognition on the platform without difficulty and at a rapid speed.

Can I receive my package as soon as I place my order?

Yes. As soon as you submit your order, we will provide you with Instagram mentions. We will not be late in sending the Instagram mentions to you. We place a higher value on time than you do. As a result, we do not keep you waiting for an extended period of time before delivering the product. Place your purchase, and we’ll get to work right away.

Do the Instagram mentions you provide relevant?

We specialize in providing relevant mentions to our clients. We have risen to the position of leading service provider as a result of the pertinent mentions we have given to our clients, which has drawn more customers to us.

Can you get accounts To Mention in a specific location?

Yes. We can provide any geolocation mentions. So, go with our Instagram mentions service to get the reach you desire. We can quickly supply mentions from your preferred area as soon as you notify us.