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  • ⋆High Quality profiles
  • ⋆Start Time: 20 – 30 min
  • ⋆Video rank Boost
  • ⋆Complete ownership
  • ⋆Refill/Refund Guarantee
  • ⋆Non-drop
  • ⋆Express Delivery
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Why Buy Our Instagram Views

✶High Quality profiles
✶Start Time: 20 – 30 min
✶Engagement boost
✶Real accounts views
✶Refill/Refund Guarantee
✶Active Profiles
✶Credibility boost
✶3 days replacement
✶No Logins Required
✶Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✶24×7 Support


Why should you use Famometer for Instagram views?

There’s a reason we’re the finest in the business! Our team is made up of top-tier social media marketing professionals with years of expertise. We’ve always taken pride in the satisfaction and success of our clients. Over 9000 happy customers can’t all be wrong! In addition, we provide a lifetime guarantee. So you have nothing to lose!

How qualitative are your Instagram view?

We only provide high-quality and real users views. When you purchase Instagram views from us, you are getting the genuine views with actual results. We are pleased to provide both quality and quantity.

What do I need to provide?

All we require is your Instagram video(s) URL, an Instagram views plan, quick payment, and you’re good to go! You’ll receive your order in no time.

Can you provide views as soon as I upload?

Yes, we certainly can! We understand that the best moment to attract more users is as the video is uploaded, and our objective is to deliver at that time.  So we won’t keep you waiting. Buy Instagram views as soon as you post your video, and we’ll send them quickly. This is also an excellent method for Instagram users and businesses to gain new followers!

Can account be banned for buying Instagram views?

Never!  Your account is 100% safe when you purchase Instagram views from Famometer. Our objective is to help you build your Instagram account, not to have it banned. We follow Instagram terms & conditions, so your account is never jeopardized.

Can Instagram Views Help Me Grow My Online Presence?

To be able to expand your online audience using Instagram, your material must be compelling enough to garner enough views and other types of feedback. Unfortunately, unless you have the assistance of a second person, this is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Famometer is one of the most efficient and dependable extra hands you’ll need to extend your Instagram reach by providing you with unlimited views on your required posts. You may simply convert these views into direct or indirect sales possibilities.

How does buying Instagram views benefit my business?

Making Instagram account and uploading content is one thing but having your content desired impact is totally different. Uploading content on Instagram should boost sales for most businesses. However, if your account or content is not attracting the appropriate amount of views, this might be tough to achieve. This is where purchasing Instagram views from can be quite beneficial to your business. You’ll be able to reach a larger audience and convert those views into sales.

Do you require my password?

Never! As previously stated, we require any sensitive information from you in order to execute the order. The only information we’ll need is the video URL for which you’d want views. So there’s no need to be concerned because this is a completely risk-free procedure.

Can Instagram updates cause a drop in views?

When someone watches a video, it is assured that the view count will not drop. All the views are generated by various IPs and devices and will remain indefinitely.

Can Instagram views help my brand in any way?

Yes, it does, and its primary function is to raise brand recognition. You should purchase views if you wish your brand’s name to be remembered because visual media has been shown to affect a larger section of our subconscious.

Is it possible to check who has seen my Instagram videos?

Unfortunately you are unable to view the profiles that have viewed your content. You can only see the view count. But we assure the accounts that view your videos are real user accounts with active feed.

What defines an Instagram video view?

Instagram counts a video viewed if it is watched for at least 3 seconds.

Do video replays counted as views?

Instagram records a single view from each profile that views your video.

Can anyone tell if I bought Instagram followers?

Never! Users will not be able to comprehend it. It is a natural process. You can always opt for drip feed views if you have fewer followers and you do not want all the views at once. Or you can get our Instagram followers views to match large views if you want.

Can Instagram suspend my account for purchasing views?

Not at all! We’ve never had a problem like this before. Our views are provided naturally so it does not appear to be spam.

Where can I buy real views for Instagram videos?

You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to purchase Instagram views. Using, you can buy genuine and active Instagram views. Please refer to the bundles listed above.

 How Instagram count views?

Instagram algorithm is built on a simple view schema. Here are the procedures for counting views on Instagram:

  • The viewer must be a valid account.
  • The viewer should watch 25% of the video. That indicates the retention rate should be greater than or equal to 25%.
  • Even if user doesn’t n enjoy the video but views 25% or more, the view count will grow.

Can I buy Instagram Story Views too?

Of course, you can!  We have a separate page where you may buy Instagram. Navigate to avail the offer. You may also add story views as an add-on during checkout.

Is it true that the delivery is instant?

Yes, as soon as your payment is confirmed, our Instagram views, as well as our other services are started delivering instantly and the order is completed within minutes. It might take a little longer for larger orders but still fast.  You may always try our service by placing a little order, but we guarantee express delivery in any case.

Do you deliver Instagram views from actual accounts?

All of the views you will receive are from actual Instagram profiles with active feed. The views are non-drop and safe.

How long does the service take to be delivered?

Complete delivery is determined by the order size. However, the service begins instantly once you purchase it, and your video will begin receiving views immediately.

Are the views from targeted country?

They are, indeed. We’ve Instagram views package called “Targeted Views.” You can make a Targeted Views order. After your order has been approved, you may choose which country’s views you want.

Can purchasing views on my post cause it to be deleted?

No, your post will not be deleted since it’s not illegal to get views. Millions of Instagram users and businesses are turning to social media marketing companies to boost their engagement and visibility on Instagram through views and other services.

Where do the Views come from?

The Views are from a variety of our networks where we promote your profile. Each view is given by a genuine profile complete with followers, posts, and an active feed.

Can I distribute video views across many Instagram accounts?

Sure. The minimal Instagram Video Views per post that we can give is 500. Choose 500+ Instagram Views bundle if you wish to distribute Instagram Video Views across many posts.

Will purchasing views result in more likes, comments, and followers?

It is entirely dependent on your content. If your article is interesting, you will almost certainly earn likes or comments and followers as well.