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Why Buy Our Linkedin Comments

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Are your comments realistic?

Yes, they are 100% realistic. They look like normal users commenting on some random post.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s 100% safe for your account.

What do you mean by Custom LinkedIn Comments?

Custom comments means you can provide your own comments. You can control what users say on your post by making your own comments.

How to increase LinkedIn comments?

You can use our LinkedIn comments services to increase your post comments. You can get unlimited posts comments.

How to buy LinkedIn comments?

Just click on the Order Now. Select the number of comments and then click on checkout.

Will people know that some of my Linkedin comments have been bought?

No, there is no way to tell the people you have bought comments until and unless you tell them. We keep our clients’ privacy our top priority.

Do you guys accept negative or defaming orders?

No, it is against our policy we don’t accept negative and defaming orders.

Can I split the Linkedin comments across two or more posts?

Sure. The minimum number of Linkedin comments we can provide is 10 comments per post. If you want to split the comments across multiple posts, then select a package that consists of 10+ comments.

What exactly Linkedin Comments service is for?

This service works perfectly for any post like if it’s a video, a photo, a random post or competition, or anything else.

Is Woorke Linkedin Comments cheap?

Woorke offers the most affordable Linkedin comments services. Most of the clients compare our prices with our competitors because our prices are way cheaper. The reason is that we provide quality service for a cheap price so that our customers can afford it.

Can I target users from certain countries only (geo-target)?

Normally we use USA, UK, and European profiles but we can also provide targeted country’s comments.

What information do you need from me to start the process?

We would just need your post link to start working on your order nothing else. Also if your post is private you will need to make it public so that from any profile you can receive comments.

If I purchase just Linkedin Comments will I receive likes too?

Yes, it’s possible. But we don’t guarantee it. What we are responsible for is only comments services.

Can I get comments from USA profiles?

Yes, you can get from the USA, Australia, Uk almost from any country profiles.

Can I purchase Comments for any post on Linkedin?

Yes of course. We don’t any kind of restriction you can buy it for any post.

How long does it take to start the delivery process?

We will start the order within few hours or sometimes may be instant. The delivery can take 12 – 48 hours depending on the number of comments in your orders.

Can I place multiple orders for the same Linkedin post?

Yes, you can buy multiple orders for the same link.

How long does it take to start the Comments delivery?

We instantly start when you place an order for comments. No wastage of your time 😉

Can I ban for buying Linkedin comments?

No, you will not, Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies to buy Linkedin Comments to increase their engagement and visibility.

Where do the Comments come from?

The Comments would come from a different array of our networks where we will advertise your profile.

What are the payment options?

We are accepting Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer & Credit Cards.

Discount for bulk order?

Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more you can avail the bulk discount.

Are Your Random LinkedIn Comments Realistic?

Unlike some, we ensure that each and every LinkedIn comment we write is as authentic and credible as can be, preferring skilled manual comment writing over the usual automation

Does Buying LinkedIn Comments Work?

The short answer is yes, but it of course depends on how you use them. You can’t simply add a whole bunch of random Comments to a low-quality post and expect it to work wonders for your reputation. Ultimately, it’s down to the quality of your company page and the posts you publish to determine the outcome.That said, using LinkedIn Comments to boost the appeal and authority of a quality post can make a real difference at an affordable price. Just be sure that if you do go ahead and buy LinkedIn Comments for any purpose whatsoever, you exclusively buy 100% real LinkedIn Comments from active and authentic accounts.Anything substandard could have the opposite of the intended effect, wreaking havoc with your reputation and authority.