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The best place to buy PVA – accounts in bulk at a low cost


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✓ Login and Password
✓ Phone Verified Accounts
✓ 24/7 Customer Support
✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed
✓ 100% Real
✓ PVA Accounts
✓ Aged Accounts
✓ Made With Different I.P
✓ Fast  Delivery
✓  POP3 Enabled
✓ Unlimited Stocks
✓ Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✓ High Quality Guaranteed
✓ Recovery Added
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What is is one of the largest e-mail service providers, allowing multiple businesses to communicate with their target audiences. Since it is widely used by the Russian-speaking community, accounts for the majority of the Russian internet market. Email accounts are critical to a company’s success, which is why many companies invest in them.

What format do you deliver?

The format is as follows: Email: Pass: Name:Phone:I.P. We deliver on the order page, and if the format is different, it will be noted on the order page as well.

How Quickly Do You deliver Orders?

GooRapid delivers instantly or within a few hours.

I’d want to purchase 1K, is there a discount?

As you can see, all of our prices are quite low. One account costs $0.65, which is quite affordable in comparison to the market. However, we may be able to offer you a larger discount.

These accounts are phone verified?

Yes, these are Phone Verified Accounts (PVA); but, if you require non PVA email accounts, we can provide those as well.

Is it possible to place a custom order with you?

Yes, we accept Custom Orders as well. After making a purchase, you can fill out the relevant information on the order page.

What is the Guarantee of Replacement?

For non-working accounts, we offer a 24-hour replacement guarantee. We’ll replace the account if it doesn’t login successfully.

Is there any discount if I buy accounts in bulk?

Yes, GooRapid will give you a discount if you will buy accounts in bulk.

What is Mail RU Replacement Guarantee?

If your Mail.RU account isn’t working, we can replace it. The replacement can be done when you mention on the order page the non-working accounts.

Why should you buy Mail.Ru accounts from GooRapid?

GooRapid has been the number one website for dealing with Mail RU and other email accounts for the past seven years, with active customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer our own dashboard where you can keep track of all of your orders throughout time. Other websites, on the other hand, delivered via email, making it difficult to trace the next time.

Is it possible to get custom accounts based on my name or information?

Without a doubt. You can get all of your accounts, but you must first contact our support team and then submit the necessary details.

Is it possible for me to receive about 10,000 email accounts all at once?

Without a doubt. We already have it in stock and can deliver it quickly. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll get it to you in a matter of hours.

How can a cryptocurrency be used to buy accounts?

If you want to buy accounts with cryptocurrency, simply click the order button. From there, you can choose from a variety of services. After selecting a service, select the bitcoin option.

So, would GooRapid offer me with Russian or USA accounts?

Of course, you can easily obtain accounts from USA or any other country.

Can I buy PVA account with a certain country code?

Depending on the country code, it may be more expensive. Inquire with the live chat support agents.

Is it possible to buy mail ru accounts for marketing purposes?

Yes, you may buy PVA accounts for marketing purposes. Many consumers use accounts for business purposes, and you can buy accounts to stay in touch with your clients.

Is it possible to buy mail ru mails for client services?

When you buy accounts for client services, customers feel at ease offering you feedback. However, this service cannot be offered with just one account. As a result, we offer PVA accounts in bulk.

What if I’m not allowed to buy accounts?

Don’t worry, you won’t be barred from buy PVA accounts from GooRapid because all of our services are safe and secure.

Is it legal to buy emails from GooRapid?

Buy accounts from GooRapid is absolutely legal.

Is it possible to buy accounts for business use?

Yes, you can buy accounts from GooRapid. Several companies and organizations buy accounts in order to communicate with their clients.

Is it possible to buy Non PVA accounts from your website?

Yes, you may buy Non PVA Outlook accounts from GooRapid.

What are the Purchasing Options?

We accept PayPal, Stripe, Perfect money, cryptocurrency, Payoneer as well as credit/Debit cards.