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The best place to buy Soundcloud followers at a low cost

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Why Buy Our Soundcloud followers

✶Targeted country followers
✶Real accounts
✶Followers added at your pace
✶Worldwide / targeted
✶Active Profiles
✶Express Delivery
✶3 days replacement
✶No Logins Required
✶Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✶24×7 Support


Is it safe to buy SoundCloud followers?

Yes. We’ve never run into a case that a user had their song or account removed after buying SoundCloud plays, likes, comments or followers. Likewise, we’ve never seen dropped Plays, and we’ve never seen an account banned from buying plays.

Are the SoundCloud followers that I buy going to unfollow me?

In real life, users could unfollow you anytime. When it comes to bought followers, it will depend on the type of followers you’re going to receive.
– Bot or fake followers are unlikely to unfollow. Most often than not, these are inactive accounts that will stick with you longer, unless they get deleted by SoundCloud.
– Real bought followers have a higher chance of unfollowing, especially once they’ve received their reward for following you. In addition, their taste in music may change over time and they may decide to unfollow you.
– Retention rates: Every company has its own retention rate. The number of users that may unfollow you after your order has been completed will depend on the company you choose. Top providers that offer real likes usually have higher retention rates, giving you more value for your money.
Choose a company that offers a solid retention guarantee so you won’t have to worry about any follower drops once the provider has completed your order.

Am I buying real or fake followers?

The quality of followers you get depends on the strategies used by your chosen provider. Some companies simply sell bot followers. while others do their best to provide you with real – and even targeted – followers.
To make sure you are getting quality followers, don’t just look at the price of the package. Find information about a company’s strategies for delivering followers. Trustworthy providers would take the time to explain their service and quality of followers on their website. It’s also important to read reviews to know the experiences of other customers, and that’s what we’re here for!

Why should I buy SoundCloud followers?

As a budding artist, you need to have a solid fanbase for your music to be noticed. That can be difficult to achieve when you’re competing with thousands of aspiring musicians and veteran music artists. Buying SoundCloud followers could help get your foot in the door. It isn’t the only way to get followers and it’s far from the best way, but it’s a start. Buying followers can be beneficial in many areas. You should consider doing it if you want to:

– Gain followers quickly
– Increase your social media presence
– Improve your brand image
– Attract organic followers
– Expand your reach
– Look more popular
– Appear like an established artist
– Have others take you seriously
– Get noticed by record labels
There are other benefits to buying SoundCloud followers. Learn more in our Pros and Cons section above.

Can a company remove bought followers after delivering them?

Your SoundCloud followers provider won’t have any reason to do so. You could lose followers if SoundCloud itself deletes them or when your followers unfollow you. A retention guarantee should protect you from losing the followers you’ve bought.

Is it safe to buy Soundcloud Followers?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy Soundcloud Followers or any other social media marketing services from BuySocialMediaMarketing. We only use genuine marketing tactics to attract Soundcloud Followers which makes our services 100% risk-free guaranteed.

How long does it take to start delivery?

Delivery for Soundcloud Followers usually starts within a hour, but it can take up to 12 hours in some cases when we are very busy with hundreds of orders coming at the same time.
However, there is nothing to worry about as 99% of the time your order will be started in the blink of an eye. We are constantly expanding our human and technical resources to keep up with the real-time orders flow.

What information do you need from me to start the process?

We only need your Soundcloud profile link to start the Soundcloud Followers delivery campaign. No sensitive information is required at all.

Will anyone know that I have purchased Soundcloud Followers?

Your privacy is our top priority and as a trustworthy company we ensure that no one will ever know that you have purchased Soundcloud Followers (or any other of our services) unless you tell them yourself.

If I purchase just Soundcloud Followers will they listen to my tracks?

It completely depends up to each of the follower themselves. But we give no guarantees on followers engagement as we have no control over it. It’s all up to them to decide whether to listen to your tracks or podcasts or not. We always recommend to boost your Soundcloud engagement and opt in for some Plays, Likes, Reposts and Downloads as well, a combination of multiple different campaigns will help you grow the engagement on Soundcloud on a much faster rate. Soundcloud engagement services are actually a bargain these days for what you are getting. Running marketing campaigns on Soundcloud is essential in order to keep up with the growth of the platform’s community – that is the reason we are offering such an extraordinary prices. All Soundcloud engagement campaigns start at just $1.99!

Can my Soundcloud account get banned for buying Followers?

Absolutely no chance. 0 percent. How we know it? There is nothing to ban your account for. You are not doing anything wrong. Millions of people and companies are using social media marketing agencies as BuySocialMediaMarketing to run marketing campaigns in order to increase their engagement and reach on social media. This is completely normal and running campaigns with guaranteed results as safe as any other marketing campaign, just it’s way better.
Not conviced? Our experience verifies the statement – after serving hundreds of thousands of clients since 2014 we have never got a single complaint of disabled or banned account on Soundcloud or any other social network.
Still not convinced? We keep your information in highly secured servers, no one will ever know that you have ran a Soundcloud Followers campaigns, not even a Soundcloud platform itself.

Do you need my username and password to start delivery?

No. We will never ask for your sensitive data. We do not need your login information to proceed with the Soundcloud Followers campaign unlike some other shady companies that require your confidential data to run bot with your account, or even worse disappear with your account forever! You don’t need to worry about any of that with BuySocialMediaMarketing. All we need to start your Followers campaign is your Soundcloud profile link.

Do you offer free trial for Soundcloud Followers?

Unfortunately not. But we have packages at super low prices that are a perfect fit for testing the services. 50 Soundcloud Followers are just $1.99!
Are you interested in any other Soundcloud campaigns? Actually each of our Soundcloud engagement services start at just $1.99. Check them out on Soundcloud services page.

Can I spread the Followers to multiple Soundcloud accounts?

We only allow one account per Soundcloud Followers order. As our Followers package start at just $1.99 for 50 it’s very easy and affordable to add multiple Soundcloud Followers packages to the cart when Followers are needed for more than one Soundcloud user.

Can I place multiple orders for the same Soundcloud profile?

Yes, you can! Actually you can place them dozens of times. Yes, including our top 10,000 Followers package as well, meaning that we can skyrocket your Soundcloud account with more than 100k Followers!
There is one thing to note. You should not place multiple Soundcloud Followers orders for the same account simultaneously when previous Followers order for the same account is still in progress. We recommend placing another Followers order only when the previous Soundcloud Followers order for that same account is completed.


Buying soundcloud followers has never been so simple, select the package that is perfect for you, enter your username and complete the secure checkout. Once complete, followers start rolling in!


We offer real followers. This means you will gain followers from real people all over the world. So we cannot specifically target commenters by country, interest or gender.


Yes! We work with celebrities, influencers, large corporations, musicians, and thousands of other users across the world. Everyone needs a push to get started and our services do just that!


The more views, followers and likes a page has on soundcloud, the higher it is shown on related pages and search results, further boosting your content! It also helps your music become more credible and more likely to be viewed by the public, as the more followers you have the more interesting your music becomes!


Absolutely, we have served over 500,000+ users from across the world, we never ask for your password and only use high-quality marketing techniques to obtain the desired amount of followers, so your account is never at risk!


Followers typically begin showing up as soon as 4-6 hours after purchase, you can also track your order by clicking the button at the top of the page and entering your tracking number provided upon ordering!

Are these real accounts?

Yes, GRAMBULK provides you with real-looking followers.

Will people know about buying SoundCloud followers?

No, people will never know because followers are provided in a very gradual and realistic manner.

Can I get banned by SoundCloud for buying followers?

Many artists buy services like buy followers SoundCloud and don’t get banned because these are indistinguishable.

Do I have a guarantee?

Our transparency, dignified quality of service and customer reviews are the best guarantee anyone can offer.

What are the payment methods?

We offer the most comfortable payment methods, including bitcoin, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.

Can I buy plays as well?

You can buy many other services from us, including plays, reposts, and downloads, etc.

Can I buy plays, reposts, and followers in a package?

Yes, GRAMBULK gives you the best all-in-one package, including plays and reposts. You can look for other such packages with other services as well.  We provide these services at the lowest price possible.

Can I get a discount on bulk buying?

Various discount offers and special packages are available at our websites commemorating special holidays or season-end, year-end sales. You can avail of these for bulk orders.

What would be the average delivery duration?

We take 12 hours-6 days to deliver the service depending on the package you buy.

How many followers should I buy?

That depends entirely on what you want to achieve, and your strategy. If you’re an upcoming artist, start slow, go bigger in time.

Will my followers disappear or decrease in time?

That’s not going to happen! All of your followers are intended do be permanent. We’ll recompensate any losses for six months after the purchase.

Do I have to fill out surveys or other verifications?

No, you don’t have to waste your time with meaningless surveys and verifications. We don’t want you to do that, devote that time into creating content!

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud followers?

Definitely. Our website is protected by an SSL certificate. All the transactions you make are secure.

Can I get banned for buying SoundCloud followers?

It is unlikely to happen.

How long will it take to get my SoundCloud followers?

It is pretty simple to see. Just enter the number of followers you want and you can see the estimated arrival time on the tool.

Is it a good idea to buy SoundCloud followers?

Of course, it will give your account a boost and you can reach more people.

Can you see who follows you on SoundCloud?

Yes, you can see your followers on your profile page under the ‘Followers’ title. You also get notified when someone follows you on SoundCloud.

Can I listen anonymously on SoundCloud?

Yes, you can do it by checking the Anonymous Listening box on the settings.


  • Buy 100% real USA Soundcloud followers absolutely!
  • We get these followers though promoting your SoundCloud page across our premium networks in the USA with millions of real active SoundCloud users.


  • Buy SoundCloud followers that are  permanent because they are real. Bot Soundcloud followers disappear
  • It is normal with real human Soundcloud followers to see a attrition rate of 5% after we complete the order as real people have the option of unfollowing for whatever reasons. We always over deliver to account for this.
  • If your account does lose over 5% off the Soundcloud followers we will replace for free as that is our policy. This will last for a full year!
  • We got your back from start to finish. You are in good hands.


  • Choose a Soundcloud follower package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Add your Soundcloud page URL and any special instructions.
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through PayPal.
  • You will be assigned a account manager and he will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours setup time after you buy Soundcloud followers.
  • Your followers start rolling in naturally and we complete your package within the delivery time stated on the package you chose.
  • When we are finished you will received a completion email so you know we are done

Can I Get a Custom Package?

Yes, of course. But we can not go low from the minimum number of services we have displayed. You can request huge amount if you don’t see it there.

Are Our Services From Active Accounts?

Yes, of course. All our services are from active accounts cause we are getting orders on regular basis so the accounts are continuously active.

Is it natural to get some followers if I buy SoundCloud Plays?

We always try to over deliver. Same is the case of our followers they may go to your tracks and listen if they love your music they can listen on daily basis.

Can I get some comments if I buy organic soundcloud plays?

Yes, of course. Cause comments can only be done when your music or track is being played.

Should I Know Where Are My Listeners From?

Yes, you can always track the plays and all other statistics through your account analytics.

What are premium plays?

The plays which comes through all active users are called premium plays. Premium plays are very beneficial in terms of credibility and ranking your music.

Do famous celebrities and influencers buy plays as well?

Yes, of course. How will you know that they have added other music to there list. This is only possible through advertisement. They first buy small amount of views to bump then it goes viral.

Will these fans interact with me?

It totally depends on the fans if they love your tract then they will interact otherwise there won’t be any chances.

How long does it take to start the SoundCloud Plays delivery?

We instantly start when you place an order for SoundCloud Plays. No wastage of your Time 😉

 Do you offer free trial for SoundCloud Plays?

Unfortunately not. As we have packages at superlow prices that would perfect fit for testing the services.

Can I buy plays for my friends, peers or strangers?

Yes you Can buy followers for your friends, peers or strangers.

Someone is buying Plays for me! How can I stop it?

You can’t stop it. Cause you won’t know who is buying for you.

Will my Plays go down?

All our Plays are non-drop. If it drops then we will refill for free.

When will my order start?

Famometer all orders start instantly or within few hours depending upon your order time and our team availability.

How many plays do you need on SoundCloud to get paid?

You need 5000 Plays to get paid on Soundcloud. The is the minimum requirement of Soundcloud going above 5000 plays will make more money as well.

How does SoundCloud count plays and how can I track them?

Listening it once add the plays to it. You can track it buy click on your music cause below they are mentioned.

My package would instantly boost my music account?

Depending upon your quantity you can boost your account. If you order huge amount of followers, plays, downloads, comments etc will instantly start boosting your account.