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Are all of these people added to my Telegram group at the same time?

Members will be added to your channel or group all at once, with a short time break between them. You can also make a request with a certain time frame in mind. We’ll make every effort to deliver using the drip-feed strategy.

Is it safe to buy telegram members?

Yes, Buying Telegram group members from our service are completely risk-free. Furthermore, you only buy real telegram members from GooRapid.

Is it possible to split my “buy telegram group members” service into multiple Groups?

No, we typically only accept one link per order. If you’ve bought a significant number of members, we can divide them into two or three groups.

Are the Telegram members you provide active?

Yes! All the Telegram members we provide are active. We don’t guarantee activity, but all the members are real.

What does it mean to be a Telegram active member?

Telegram’s active members are those who use it frequently.

What should I do if my subscribers abandoned the channel or group after the purchase?

There is no guarantee that all people offered to your group will be Lifetime members. We do not remove or unsubscribe members from your channel for any reason. If members are automatically dropped, we will provide a free refill. To make sure your subscribers do not leave after our given refill time, you should buy targeted telegram members.

Is it possible that after I bought members, my channel or group received a report?

No, none of the members of your group will ever report your channel or group for any reason. If something like this happens after you buy telegram channel members from us, those members may no longer be a part of our network.

I need to buy targeted telegram members. Do you provide?

Yes, we do! We can provide telegram real targeted members from around the world and of every niche. You can also buy crypto telegram members from GooRapid. Get in touch now!

Is it possible for me to be banned if I buy telegram members?

No, you will be not banned. You can buy Telegram group members without any fear because we provide you secure and safe services to our customers.

How do I get more people to join my Telegram Group?

You may advertise your group using our Telegram services. Simply click the Order Now button, and on the order page, choose the plan of your choosing, and continue to the payment. Finally, on the order page, you may submit the Link.

Is it necessary for me to share my password to buy telegram members from you?

Without sharing your personal information, you can get real telegram members from GooRapid, and we suggest you not share your password with anyone.

How long will it take to begin receiving Telegram members’ service?

When you submit an order for Telegram Members, we immediately begin giving members. You will see the increase telegram members number instantly.

Do I have to add you to my Telegram group/channel as group admins for the service?

No, you will not be required to add members in order for us to become group administrators.  We may provide members buy simply an invite link.

Can I divide my order among many Groups?

No, we generally only accept one link per order. But if you buy a big number of members, we can divide them into 2-3 groups.

Can I buy telegram members with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, GooRapid now accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and other similar currencies.

Is it possible for me to purchase Telegram group members in bulk?

GooRapid is the leading website for bulk purchases of active and targeted Telegram users. Get in contact with us right away to receive the best service.

Is there a discount on buy real telegram group members bulk purchases?

Yes! If you buy Telegram Group members in bulk, we’ll give a big discount. Get in touch now!

Is it possible for anyone to find out if I buy crypto telegram members?

No, because customer security is our top priority, and no one will be aware that you purchased crypto Telegram group members.

What are the Purchasing Options?

PayPal, Stripe, PerfectMoney, Cryptocurrency, and Credit/Debit Cards, and bank transfers are all accepted.