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  • ⋆Phone Verified
  • ⋆Unique profile Photos
  • ⋆Excel sheet/Notepad
  • ⋆Complete ownership
  • ⋆Recovery Email Within
  • ⋆Tested
  • ⋆Express Delivery
  • ⋆24×7 Support

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Why Buy Our Yandex Accounts

✶2006-2021 Accounts
✶Excel sheet/Notepad
✶Unique IP
✶100% Recovery Guaranty
✶Active Profiles
✶ Custom names account available
✶3 days replacement
✶Express Delivery
✶Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✶24×7 Support
✶Russian Verified


What is Yandex?

Yandex Mail is a free email service in Russia. It was founded on June 26, 2000, and is now one of the three major email providers on the Russian Internet (along with Gmail and The service employs automated spam filtering, malware detection using Dr.Web antivirus software, and an email translator.

Why should I purchase Yandex accounts from Famometer?

Famometer only provides real accounts. In addition, we provide a 3-day replacement warranty in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction. We offer live customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have our own dashboard where you can follow all of your orders throughout time.

How can I use Yandex account in English if it’s not already?

You can use Google translate to automatically translate to English or any other language or you can:

  • In the top right, click Settings.
  • Click Settings.
  • In the “Language” section, pick a languagefrom the drop-down menu.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

If you want us to change the language in the accounts before the delivery you should mention it to our customer support.

How can your Yandex accounts help my business?

Yandex is a one-stop shop for communication and digital marketing. Yandex mail accounts may be used for branding. Yandex has some fantastic bargains on corporate email accounts. Yandex provides free domain hosting, so you may acquire accounts and create a customized protocol in your business. Purchase Yandex accounts from Famometer to market your company in the most effective way possible.

Why Should I buy bulk Yandex email accounts from Famometer?

Yandex email is mostly used for digital marketing and SEO. The more email accounts you have, the more clients you will be able to target. With bulk Yandex accounts, email marketing is a breeze. You may send email from many accounts. As a result, if you want to reach the greatest number of people, you should purchase Yandex in bulk. We are here to help you with your marketing using Yandex mail. Famometer allows you to purchase an infinite number of PVA or Non-PVA Yandex accounts.

Is it safe to buy Yandex Mail accounts?

Absolutely! Yandex accounts we deliver are 100% safe and can be used as regular accounts. We create and test these mail accounts manually before delivering to our clients.

How long will these emails work if I don’t use it?

There is no expiration period in Yandex accounts.

Do you entertain custom requests?

Yes! Get in touch with our customer support. Discuss you requirements with our experts. You’ll be provided a custom quote as per your requirements.

How will I receive my order after payment?

You will receive an email with the order link. Please enter a valid email address. You can check your order in your personal account.

I own the purchased accounts; no one else can use them?

Yes 100%! Once the emails are delivered you will have complete ownership of the AOL account(s).

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit Card, Perfect Money, Stripe and Online Bank Transfer.

Is there a replacement option in case of dissatisfaction with your work?

Yes! Within 3 days after the project completion, if a client is dissatisfied with our work, we facilitate a free and convenient substitution.

How quick is your customer support?

We’ll respond to all of your queries within 10 minutes.