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Can you Buy YouTube comments?

You should buy Youtube Comments if you want to increase your views and get more important responses to your video in order to get more user interaction. The more feedback and shares your video receives, the more attention it will get. Buying comments on YouTube increases your views since the user must first watch the video before leaving a message.

Is it Secure to Buy Youtube Comments?

Yes, using Goorapid is completely secure, safe, and stable. Our services are focused on providing 100 percent genuine comments as permitted by the youtube algorithm, which not only looks natural but also keeps your video or channel secure.

Is there any discount for the purchase YouTube comments?

Yes, a discount of up to 10% is continuously accessible for you. In case you need to buy YouTube comments in bulk at that point get in touch with our live chat back specialist to avail yourself of the amazing discount.

I want to buy youtube comment likes.

You can buy youtube comment likes from GooRapid. Contact us right away to place a custom order.

Can I buy custom youtube comments from you?

Yes of course! You can get custom youtube comments from GooRapid. Place your order and send us the information in the chat.

How long does it take for the delivery to begin after I buy YT comments?

We will begin working on your order as soon as you place it. Depending on the order quantity, sometimes your order may begin within few hours.

Is it possible for my video or account to be banned if I buy YT comments from you?

No, not at all. Since you only buy real youtube comments from us, all comments are made by 100% genuine and active YouTube accounts, there is no excuse for Youtube to suspend or remove your video or account. In the worst-case scenario, the comments are simply removed, but the video or channel remains 100% safe and secure. In that case, we’ll replace the dropped comments right away.

What are the origins of the YouTube comments you provide?

The feedback on your YouTube video will come from our social media sites, where we promote your video. Comments are usually given from a global Youtube channel to make it look natural and to help your video rank globally. We can also include Youtube comments from the USA, UK, France, and Germany.

Can I buy youtube views and comments both?

Of course! You can buy YT comments and views together for the same or different videos or even you can buy youtube views likes comments packages as a whole. Contact us for more information.

Is it possible to split the one single order through several Youtube videos?

We only consider one Connection per order for limited amounts of comments. If you’ve ordered a large number of comments, they’ll be distributed through your necessary videos.

If I buy YouTube comments, do I still get paid from YouTube?

No, we cannot guarantee to earn money from your youtube comments. Getting paid by Youtube is entirely dependent on your channel’s analytics. With our services, you will get maximum exposure, which will help your video rank in your niche, making you famous among other YouTubers. You will also be eligible for third-party partnerships and sponsorships, which will enable you to earn money.

Is it illegal to buy YouTube comments?

No, it’s not against the law. There is no rule in any country that makes it illegal to leave comments on YouTube. Additionally, with our services, you can purchase youtube comments from real and active Youtube accounts, making it impossible for anyone to claim that you purchased comments on your video.

Are the YouTube comments genuine?

Yes, absolutely! With us you only buy real youtube comments. Goorapid is a service that provides high-quality comments from active accounts. For getting comments on your videos, we have a huge network of real people. So buy YT comments now from GooRapid!

Is it safe to use your “buy YT comments” service?

Yes, it’s 100% secure and hazard-free. Our services are 100% according to Youtube policies. Goorapid is commenting on your video using white hat tactics in order to achieve the desired results by increasing your brand authority.

Would these YT comments be expelled?

No, our comments aren’t going away; they’re here to stay. Youtube comments are delivered in stages to ensure that the video is completely viewed before receiving a comment so that it does not decrease. If your video comments are lost for some cause, please send us a message on the order page and we will gladly include a free refill.

What about privacy?

We only ask for the bare minimum of details (a video link and, if desired, your comments), ensuring that your privacy is protected to the fullest extent possible.

How quickly will I receive the feedback?

All orders are handled as soon as possible. For small packets, the order is completed in the shortest time possible. Large orders, on the other hand, can take several hours to complete in order to look natural and stable.

What are the pros of Buying YouTube Comments?

YouTube uses a variety of factors to rate your video, including the number of comments and views it gets. Relevant feedback under your videos not only looks better but also add value to them. A large number of comments showed that the video was credible, successful, and drew in more viewers.

What are the origins of YouTube comments I buy?

All of the comments will come from our own social media accounts, which we will use to promote your video until we received an order. All of the comments on this video are from actual, active YouTube accounts. If you buy USA Youtube Comments, you can receive comments from people in the United States.

I don’t want to get all of the comments at once. Is it possible?

Yes, absolutely! You may use our drip feed kit to collect comments in a more gradual manner. You can either provide us with or tell us how many comments you’d like us to provide per hour, day, week, etc. We’d be happy to assist you.

Is it possible to spread the comments through several videos?

No, only one connection is suitable for a few comments. You can slip it if you have made a large purchase.

Is it possible for me to compose my own YouTube comments?

Yes, you can leave feedback on any video you like. To prevent any misunderstandings, you should compose your comments in order. If you want to use emojis in your comments, you can do so as well.

On my video, I’m running advertisements. Is this an issue?

You won’t have any problems. However, we recommend that users deactivate ads when placing an order; after that, you can add ads again.

Can you tell if my clients and users are interested in my YouTube videos?

Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on user interest. It is entirely dependent on your content; if your content is interesting, users will be interested in watching your videos.

What are some of the benefits of purchasing and buy YouTube comments?

Buying Youtube comments has many benefits, including increasing your video’s reputation, increasing your visibility, attracting more exposure to your video, and improving its ranking in the top searches.

I can’t seem to find the best package for my requirements. What options do I have?

You can contact us directly; we even accept custom orders. You can address your needs in detail, and our agent will prepare an invoice for you.

When will the increase start after I Buy Youtube Comments?

Within a few hours of placing an order, the increase will begin. Depending on the status of our orders, it may be as soon as an hour.

How do I copy the link to my YouTube video on my phone or tablet?

It’s just that simple. Simply open your video in the Youtube app, tap the share button, and then choose “Copy connection.” After you’ve completed your purchase, copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Is it possible for me to control what people say in my YouTube comments?

Without a doubt. Our packages are mentioned above, but we also provide Random and Custom Comments. You can write down each and every comment on your video and send it to us, and we’ll post it in the same way.

Is it necessary for all of the comments to appear on the same video, or can I spread them out?

No, each order will only receive one video connection. If you have a large order, please contact us so that we can spread it out.

I want to buy youtube views likes comments packages?

Yes, you can buy the package from GooRapid. Check out our YouTube views, likes, subscribers, Shares, and watchtime services, or get in touch now!

Is it possible that my video will be removed as a result of your service?

Certainly not. YouTube’s revised rules and terms of service apply to all of our social media marketing services.

Will anyone be able to tell that I have purchase youtube comments?

No, not at all. There is no way for a viewer to say whether you bought comments because they can’t see where the comments are coming from. Your analytics are only visible to you.

What sorts of videos are more best and suitable for your comments service?

Almost any kind of video can be used with our services. Generally, more engaging videos in which you ask users questions and tell them they can comment below the responses are preferred. So buy real youtube comments from GooRapid now.

How many YouTube comments do I require?

It is entirely up to you to decide. If your video has a small number of views, we advise against buying a large number of comments because it would seem unnatural. If your video has a lot of views but few comments, you can buy custom youtube comments or simply buy youtube comments a lot of comments to make it more credible.

Can I buy youtube comment dislikes?

Contact our customer support right away.

How do I respond to my own comment?

By logging in to your channel and then leaving responses, you can leave comments. If you’re interested in purchasing Youtube Comment Answers, please contact us and let us know which comments you’d like the replies to be added to.

May I buy youtube comment upvotes and answers in my comments?

Yes, in order to seem more genuine, you can behave like regular users. With comments answers and upvotes, you will increase the likelihood that your involvement is genuine and genuine.

How long does it take for my video to receive comments?

Depending on the size of your order, it could take anything from 24 to 72 hours to complete after you buy YouTube comments. You may also use our services if you need your order filled in a short time frame or for a long period of time.

What should I do to get Free Services?

Since our prices are so low, we are unable to have any free services.

Is there a minimum number of comments per video that I can buy?

A minimum of 10 comments and a maximum of 5000 comments on YouTube can be purchased. It is also possible to place a custom order amount.

Are your YouTube comments Adsense secure?

Both of our YouTube comments and other resources are fully AdSense safe. With our services, your account will be safe.

Is there a free trial for YouTube Comments service?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We have bundles available at extremely low prices that are ideal for evaluating our services. To test the efficiency of our services, you may choose the smallest quantity.

Why does everybody buy youtube views and comments?

Some people buy youtube views likes comments in order to boost their popularity, status, and interaction. Others do so to change people’s perceptions of their company or brand, or to help them remain visible and ahead of the competition. Far more people buy comments because they are much harder to come by than other ways of interaction, such as “likes.” This is due to the fact that leaving a comment necessitates more thought and effort than simply clicking the like button. People buy comments mostly because it’s a fast and easy way to improve their Youtube account.

Will anyone be able to tell that I Buy any or all of my comments?

We respect our customers’ privacy and will never reveal any details about their purchases of our social media marketing services. Nobody would ever know that you purchase youtube comments from us!

Is there any discount I buy youtube comments in bulk?

Yes, absolutely! If you are purchasing several items or if you are a repeat customer, you will receive special pricing. Get in contact with our customer service.

What are the Purchasing Options to buy real custom youtube comments?

We currently accept Perfect Money, Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card as payment methods. Any other payment option can be discussed with our customer service representatives.

What is the best way for me to pay for my order?

Paypal, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, perfect money, and a credit card are among the payment methods available.