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  • ⋆Specific countries
  • ⋆No need to follow others
  • ⋆Safe & Easy
  • ⋆Complete ownership
  • ⋆Real accounts Likes
  • ⋆Non-drop
  • ⋆Express Delivery
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Why Buy Our YouTube Likes

✶General Likes
✶Permanent Likes
✶Engagement boost
✶Post Likes
✶Live video Likes
✶Active Profiles
✶No need to follow others
✶Credibility boost
✶3 days replacement
✶No Logins Required
✶Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✶24×7 Support
✶Real accounts Likes


Is your YouTube likes service safe to use? Will it have an impact on my video or channel?

All of Famometer SMM services are given delivered via genuine YouTube accounts so there is no chance of it effecting your YouTube channel or video.  All of our services are reliable and secure. We guarantee you will have complete satisfaction after utilizing our YouTube likes or any other marketing service.

Will the likes ever drop? If so, will they be refilled?

You will not experience any drop in likes because Famometer only provide genuine services. In the unlikely case that your likes decrease for whatever reason, we will replace the removed likes.

Can I distribute the likes over many videos?

Unfortunately, you are unable to do so. Every order is unique and may only be placed for one video at a time.

Is there a free trial period for YouTube Likes?

Unfortunately, because the majority of firms that supply YouTube likes are one-time transactions, there are no free trials for YouTube likes. Because these packages are acquired on an as-needed basis, sending a free trial is problematic because the service is not reoccurring. However, because our services are inexpensive, you may try us out by purchasing a modest quantity of our YouTube-like service.

What about my personal information?

We value your privacy. The information you provide while placing an order on Famometer will be kept private and will never be shared with anybody or any organization. Also Famometer is protected by SSL certificate. You can shop with complete confidence at Famometer.

How long will it take to get my YouTube likes?

We will begin working on your order as soon as we get the order data after your transaction has been confirmed and your order has been created. The time it takes to deliver your likes order is determined by the number of likes you purchased for your video but typically within 1-3 hours, you will begin to receive likes.

Is it likely that those who like my videos will also subscribe to my channel?

Because our YouTube Likes service is are primarily focused on YouTube likes for your videos rather than other metrics, there is a minor possibility that our likers may subscribe to your channel and view your films. You can get our YouTube subscribers service for as many subscribers as you want. Get in touch with our customer service for more information.

Is Buying YouTube Likes From Famometer Safe?

Buying YouTube likes from Famometer is completely safe because we only use reliable and real accounts to deliver YouTube video likes. Famometer is secured by SSL. Your videos and channel are entirely safe when buying from us; your channel will never be deleted, and your videos will never be impacted.

Will my video get dislikes if I buy likes?

No, your video will not receive dislikes after purchasing likes from us. We guarantee that your video will only receive YouTube likes.

Do you offer a guarantee on refills?

Yes, as part of our service guarantee, we provide a full refill guarantee in the event of likes dropping.

Are YouTube Likes Purchased Genuine?

Yes, unlike our competitors, the purchased likes are from real YouTube accounts. We have never sold bots or fake likes. And our prices are also reasonable. We can guarantee the highest quality product and likes quality in the market.

Is Purchasing YouTube Likes Necessary for My Channel’s SEO?

Yes, buying YouTube likes is critical for your YouTube channel SEO because the more likes your videos have, the more likely they are to go viral.

Is your YouTube Likes service AdSense safe?

Yes, our YouTube likes service is completely AdSense safe since we only deliver high-quality likes from real user accounts. Our service complies with YouTube’s terms of service, and your ‘YouTube Partner Program’ account is guaranteed secure with any of our services.

Is it possible to buy YouTube likes for any video?

Yes, whether you own the video or not, you can purchase likes for it on YouTube. All you have to is input the URL of any YouTube video during checkout.

Are YouTube Likes Purchased Active?

Yes, all of the YouTube likes purchased are active user accounts, since each account creates actual YouTube likes. Because they are genuine users accounts, the likes will remain active indefinitely.

Is it possible to split the order of my likes over many videos?

No, you cannot divide a single order of likes among many videos. You must submit separate orders for each video if you want to order likes for several videos.

What is your likes service’s daily Delivery Rate/Speed?

The larger your likes order, the sooner your order will be delivered every day. As a result, the daily number of likes varies from order to order.

Is it legal to buy YouTube likes from Famometer?

According to YouTube’s terms of service, buying likes on YouTube from companies like Famometer is completely legal, as long as they employ legitimate marketing and advertising tactics like the ones we employ here at Famometer.

Is it possible for YouTube or other people to see whether I paid for likes?

Except in the following circumstances, YouTube cannot identify whether you have purchased YouTube likes for your videos:

  • If you paid for an untrustworthy likes provider that presented you with bogus users, this may be readily tracked and recognized.
  • If you acquired an unusually large number of likes in a single day or in a short period of time.
  • If you purchased low-quality likes from low-quality sources.

Luckily, all of our YouTube advertising services, including legal video likes, are provided by Famometer using only actual and current user identities.

How Can I check my order status & progress?

Log in to your Famometer dashboard to check your order status & progress. In the dashboard, you’ll find all your orders, their progress, invoices, and other billing tools.

If I have questions about my order, who should I contact?

You can contact Famometer team directly via our online chat feature, or you can go to the contact page.

Do I need to provide my YouTube account and password?

No, you will never be required to sahre your account password while purchasing from our website. We just need your YouTube video URL to get you work started.

Can I get banned?

NO, you will never be at risk by using our services- we guarantee it!

Do you entertain custom requests?

Yes! Get in touch with our customer support. Discuss you requirements with our experts. You’ll be provided a custom quote as per your requirements.

How will I receive my order after payment?

You will receive an email with the order link. Please enter a valid email address. You can check your order in your personal account.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit Card, Perfect Money, Stripe and Online Bank Transfer.

Are payments secure?

Yes! We accept all major payment methods via our SSL-secured and encrypted checkout; we never keep your payment or personal information. This means you may relax when using Famometer services!

Is there a replacement option in case of dissatisfaction with your work?

Yes! Within 3 days after the project completion, if a client is dissatisfied with our work, we facilitate a free and convenient substitution.

How quick is your customer support?

We’ll respond to all of your queries within 10 minutes.