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  • ⋆Video Shares
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  • ⋆Complete ownership
  • ⋆Real accounts Shares
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Why Buy Our YouTube Shares

✶General Shares
✶Permanent Shares
✶Engagement boost
✶Post Shares
✶Live video Shares
✶Active Profiles
✶Credibility boost
✶3 days replacement
✶No Logins Required
✶Custom Order Quantity Accepted
✶24×7 Support
✶Real accounts Shares


Why buy from Famometer?

If you want to buy YouTube, you will often come across black sheep on the internet. Here at Famometer we only provide real YouTube shares. The Users sharing your videos are active, have friends and followers. You can test our service by getting our services in small quantity and decide to order more or not. Our customer service will be at your disposal 24/7.

How often do I have to pay for YouTube shares?

At Famometer you pay only once at a time. So there are no tracking costs or even a subscription if choose not to subscribe. If you want to buy shares for the same video multiple times, you will pay the price only once each time.

Can my channel be deleted?

We deliver real shares and we use secure techniques, so your channel will never be deleted because of using our service.

Can I lose my purchased shares?

We deliver real shares, so the shares are very unlikely to drop. However, in the event of loss of shares, we will refill the lost shares.

Is it legal to buy YouTube shares?

Absolutely! No rules are violated because quite simply we provide 100% real shares and our services are fully compliant with YouTube Terms and Conditions. Which means you can buy YouTube shares with peace of mind.

Can I buy shares multiple times for the same video?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of shares we can offer. We have a very large sharing platform which means you can buy YouTube shares as many times as you want at ease.

When will I see the result?

We know how very important time is on social media, orders are processed instantly after you make payment so you are going to start getting your YouTube shares in no time.

Is the service anonymous?

Our service is 100% anonymous we do not share any information about your identity where it relates to your YouTube channel in order to maintain your anonymity, and no one will be able to suspect your purchase of shares thanks to our real service delivered in a natural way, therefore do not fear for your identity or your credibility with Famometer.

Is it dangerous for my channel?

we are committed to guaranteeing you a 100% risk-free service, unlike many of our competitors, our solution does not use robots or fake accounts.

Does the delivery seem natural?

The delivery is done in a completely natural way, you can choose our drip feed package to attract any suspicion towards your activity or purchase of shares, in order to keep your subscribers satisfied.

I don’t want to get all of my shares at once. Is this a possibility?

Yes! Choose our “Drip Feed” package to receive shares at your own speed.

I can’t seem to find the right package for my requirements. What should I do?

You can contact us and we will gladly put together a custom package for you.

What types of videos do you like for sharing service?

For video sharing, any type of video is acceptable. If you want to discuss more contact our customer support.

How many shares do I require?

It is entirely up to you how much you want to advertise your video. Acquiring the maximum shares implies climbing the ranks higher.

Is there a limit to the number of shares that may be added to a video?

It is entirely up to you how you advertise your video. Getting the bare minimum means not rising through the ranks. If you want more views, likes and comments we recommend more shares.

Where the Shares will be from?

The shares are generally from real users around the world. You can also select specific country if you want. For more discussion contact our customer service.

Do you provide a free trial period for YouTube Shares?

Sadly not, as we provide packages at extremely cheap costs that would be ideal for evaluating our services.

How Can I check my order status & progress?

Log in to your Famometer dashboard to check your order status & progress. In the dashboard, you’ll find all your orders, their progress, invoices, and other billing tools.

Can I get banned?

NO, you will never be at risk by using our services- we guarantee it!

Do you entertain custom requests?

Yes! Get in touch with our customer support. Discuss you requirements with our experts. You’ll be provided a custom quote as per your requirements.

How will I receive my order after payment?

After payment confirmation you’ll be given access to our client portal where you can find detailed information about your order including your order status.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit Card, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Stripe and Online Bank Transfer.

Are payments secure?

Yes! We accept all major payment methods via our SSL-secured and encrypted checkout; we never keep your payment or personal information. This means you may relax when using Famometer services!

Is there a replacement option in case of dissatisfaction with your work?

Yes! Within 3 days after the project completion, if a client is dissatisfied with our work, we facilitate a free and convenient substitution.

How quick is your customer support?

We’ll respond to all of your queries within 10 minutes.

I still have questions that are not mentioned here.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team through Client portal, e-mail or LiveChat. Our support staff will be happy to assist you if you have any additional queries.